These are all the places i'm on the internet. Well... the most current ones anyway. There are some places i've abandonned or just can't log into anymore. I'll probably add more links to other places i'm at or things i think are cool.

Twitter : This is my Twitter. I'm pretty active on it ever since early 2020. I mostly post Beastars fanart on it , and rarely my own OCs because i need to learn on how to make more original stuff that isn't just "funi brotherz go on adventurz!!!!1!1!!".

Youtube : This is my Youtube channel. I rarely upload on it anymore because i've gotten less and less motivated to animate anything. That's mostly why Bunnytos's finale episode is taking more time than expected. I wanna try uploading vlogs or art tutorials but i'm still kind of a newbie in art and i don't have a functioning camera.

Doggo Doggy Brothers : This is the website where i post Doggo Doggy Brothers. While i'm rewriting the comic right now. You can still visit it to see the old chapters that were done on a whim. The reason why i'm rewritting the comic is because i didn't convey the whole concept well and just became another Bunnytos but with humans in it.