The designs are pretty simple to what i draw nowadays , the reason why is because Doggo Doggy Brothers was supposed to come out around 2018/2019 , back when i used to draw popee as a fuggin Sr.Pelo-esque charcater. It kind of improved atleast in a way.
Doggo is strange but funny at times... His views of life is rather cynical and nihilistic. It feels like he's always 10 times ahead of everyone.
He's either making fun of someone til they become crazy or he's hurting anybody he sees on his path.
Everyone says he's crazy thinking all of this is a comic. But it is. All of this is just a comic that he can't get out of the panels.
He's alive.
Doggy is a young wolf cub that loves anime and manga. He's pretty much a young otaku that tries to atleast be social and see the opposite of things.
But he's always dealing with Doggo's rambling of the time loop.
Poor pup.
Nyow is a cat that's pretty much a weeb. He's a fan of Getter Robo and Mazinger Z.
This dude has the dream of becoming a comic author , he's also Doggy's "sensei" (that's what he's called by Doggy , yet it annoys him).
also that motherfucker has a big month and teeth ew yuck ugly bitch
Catty is Nyow's sister. She's stupid. Dumb bitch. White fuck. UglY FUCKING STUPID MEOW MEOW BIT-
Anyway , she's pretty agressive towards Nyow.
She always has a ":3" face , even when she's angry or sad.
Alono is a young adult that somehow got his dad's job. He's a policer officer sent to the most boring place in the city. So he's got pretty much nothing to do in a way.
The said young adult is pretty new to the big city since he's more of a country boy. He has to deal and mentally prepare for Doggo's insanity.
Miaou is orange cat who wants to control the world and make a ton of money. Basically a greedy bugger !
Kako is Miaou's skinny and depressed minion. And Kako's gay for Miaou. He's basically Kako's reason to stay alive.
Honestly my favorite character , mostly because making his design was very fun to do !