I'm a young 16 years old french furry cartoonist who would prefer to be a small blue raccoon that eats trash pizza rather than being a teenager who gets sad when he can't put butter properly on a slice of bread.

I have a bit of a dream of becoming a manga artist (also a comic artist but ehhh) drawing kemono/furry manga , mostly romance and slice of life. These are my favourite genre of manga (Maison Ikkoku , Lamu and basically all of Rumiko Takahashi's work). I also enjoy these type of manga cuz i can't draw an action scene for shit-

Also because i'm more into gag manga (like Stop-Hibari Kun or Dr.Slump) but i admit i love me some shonen manga like Devilman and Beastars (well tbh the more anime stuff sucks major d in beastars , like the melon arc... i hated that arc... like alot).

My whole process to work on my stuff is "I get an idea , i draw the idea , i get bored of said idea , i give up this idea" and then the cycle repeats...

I wish i had the motivation to work on things and actually complete them but...yeah this ain't happening.

I mostly draw (so far) just cute wholesome things about cuddling , instincts (like idk tall spooky dog acts like a big puppy) and boops on the snoots.
Kinda ironic in a way because back in 2018 is used to be all edgy with kinky jokes and just "LOUD = funny :)" humor.

I've been thinking of becoming a doujinshi artist because alot of what i do is mostly fanart. But unlike other doujins , i'm mostly about humor and funny gags instead of charcaters having the naughties in like 2 pages-

But yeah , i hope you enjoy what i do ^w^ I may not be super great but i'm happy people like what i love doing the most , which is drawing some art !